allows millions of fans to talk to their friends, while watching a game on TV. It empowers teams and brands to talk to the fans, and monetize the game experience. With calls, videos and messages, fans can share the emotion, even when they are far apart., the #1 sports social network with over 33M users, just announced a new major feature - the Virtual Fan Clubs (VFC) - as part of the release of its 4.0 Social Button SDK.

VFC allow sports fans to find other fans living nearby and discuss about their team on a geolocated chat room. For example, fans using a powered app in San Francisco are automatically included in the California Virtual Fan Room, and are able to chat with all the other fans opening the app in California.

Geolocated fan rooms allow traveling fans to meet other fans, and enjoy a match together. For example, a California fan traveling to London will be automatically included in the London Virtual Fan Club and could ask local fans for the best pub to watch the match.

Thanks to geo-location, VFC let fans meet, talk, and watch sports together with other local fans, virtually.

The Virtual Fan Clubs augment other popular's social features, including Social Selfies, stadium sounds and especially the chance to share the emotion of a match by talking to friends. is currently integrated into the official apps of Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, Paris Saint-Germain, Juventus, Rakuten's Vissel Kobe, Beijing Guoan, and many more teams and leagues. The Social Button 4.0 SDK is immediately available and will be rolled out on the teams apps in coming app releases.

"We started with the goal that nobody should ever watch sports alone. With our Social Button, users have been able to talk to their actual friends, but we felt it would be great to also allow them to discover other fans living nearby. Even more, we wanted fans who land somewhere away from home to enjoy a match with other fans. With the release of Virtual Fan Clubs, we are getting closer to our goal and we are very proud to make it available to all of our partners", said Fabrizio Capobianco,'s CEO.

Coming soon from is the Token Television, the first decentralized sports viewing, social engagement and streaming application built on blockchain.