Rhiz is an all-in-one business marketplace, enabling trustworthy connections between consumers and businesses from start to finish. 

Backed by blockchain, Rhiz is a true market network with consumer search, B2B networking, and business growth tools together in one platform. 

Rhiz is built to encourage upward mobility, making the creation and growth of businesses easier by connecting aspiring entrepreneurs directly with their peers and potential customers, in one place. Following a subscription model, users receive perks tailored to their growth including live portfolio integration, instant booking, and secure payments. 

Pending validation upon early launch, our P2P point system powered by communal interactions such as ratings and profile shares, will be converted to a truly useable cryptocurrency entitled Change. With Change, we aim to take community activity and conver that into karma points, powered by, and spendable on, local businesses.

Rhiz is based in and first launching in Los Angeles, California.