Nano is dramatically accelerating the development of treatments and cures for global health threats by incentivizing the collection of data and creating a global, data-sharing marketplace.

Nano Vision is building a global, decentralized blockchain platform for healthcare researchers and others to share data and accelerate cures and breakthroughs. 

The Nano Vision blockchain platform aims to provide scientists around the world a common database and facilitate an effective and collaborative approach essential for real-time studies on ever evolving diseases. Its goal is to remove restrictions and borders and help researchers collaborate on finding solutions to combat the world’s most pressing healthcare problems, while still receiving credit for their contributions. Shared data will be tagged with the contributor’s information, meaning that they will receive credit and compensation whenever their research is accessed or used to create a health solution.

The platform gathers real-time data from institutions all over the world and shares it in a blockchain, rendering it universally accessible and traceable.  Distributed ledger technology developed by Nano is used to secure and attribute all Nano platform data to its correct, original source.  

Nano Sense Chip 

Nano Global, a subdivision of Nano Vision, has partnered with Arm, the world’s leading semiconductor IP company, to design and produce Nano Sense chips, tiny chips that can fit on a pinhead in a huge array of medical and research environments, where they collect and store data molecular-level data in the blockchain. This blockchain data is instantly accessible.

Inference Engine

The Nano Sense platform includes a machine learning AI program that constantly sorts and analyzes data to look for trends and complimentary data sets. Because it uses a machine learning protocol, it becomes more sophisticated the more data it analyzes. This means that the AI will be able to identify critical data trends and draw conclusions, helping to generate breakthroughs.  The AI will ultimately be able to predict new trends and areas of collaboration for future healthcare research, drawing connections that ordinary human searchers might never find in such an immense amount of data.

Nano Cure Coin

To incentivize data sharing, the Nano Sense chips will mint Nano cryptocurrencies as they collect, store, and analyze data. The currencies can be bought and sold like other cryptos, and owners can even use them to allocate funds to research activities that are particularly important to them.