Items offers manufactuers a blockchain based authentication protocol to provide proof of authenticity and proof of ownership for the goods they produce.  

Manufacturers create Non-Fungible-Receipts (NFR) when the item is produced.  The NFR  matches an identifer on the physical item which can be QR, NFC, or RFID technology. The NFR is then passed to new owners, creating a record of ownership.  

Items app gives consumers/vendors/govenments the ability to scan a product to verify its authenticity and ownership.  In the case of a secondary sale, the item's certificate of ownership can be passed along with the physical product to ensure the chain of proven ownership.  

Users have a "master closet" of the items they have purchased, giving a detailed/organized view of their possessions.  

If an item is ever stolen, the owner would be able to flag the item as stolen. In the event the item is ever scanned again, the item would display a warning message that the item is stolen.  Users can only transfer certificates of ownership they own.

Items aims to reduce the mass production of counterfeit goods and to deincentives theift of personal property.