10% of all funds from ICO’s are lost due to phishing. About $4 million worth of ETH and BTC are phished every single day - a massive bank heist - every single day. More phishing occurs in blockchain than in any financial instrument, ever. 

Coral is an interoperable blockchain protocol that offers payers of cryptocurrencies a decentralized safeguard against fraud. Coral graphs every blockchain address interaction on the Ethereum and Bitcoin blockchains, and combines known fraud, and known custody data with advanced predictive analytics to assign trust scores to every blockchain address. 


Coral Masternodes use machine learning and crawlers to gather evidence of illicit activities such as phishing, money-laundering, and terrorist-financing

Masternodes graph all blockchain transactions and use predictive analytics to assign actionable trust scores to every blockchain address

Trust Scores

Trust Scores predict the likelihood that any address on any blockchain has been involved in fraud, mitigating theft and enhancing AML practices 

Fraud Alerts

Fraud Alerts enable crypto platforms to prevent money laundering in real time and increase compliance with regulators

If your application has crypto transactions, chances are that a partnership with Coral will hold value. Fraudsters and regulators are coming for you. Integrating the Coral Protocol can de-risk your business and bring peace of mind to your customers.