Bucket puts your coin change from cash transactions into a digital account. When paying with cash at one of our participating retailers, just ask the cashier to “Bucket the Change” for you. Your normal receipt will then print with a QR code, which you can scan whenever you’d like - it does not have to be at the register. Once your Bucket account hits $50 from your accumulated change, we’ll notify you that you’re able to cash out.

We all hate dealing with the annoyances of having loose change jingling in our pockets. We all have that jar at home collecting pennies, nickels and dimes. With Bucket, you no longer have to handle those pesky coins. You will actually be able to use the value of your collected coins instead of having them go to waste. It’s better for you and also better for the environment!

We will be launching in Northwest Arkansas in Summer 2018 and Singapore shortly after. We will then have a U.S. public launch thereafter, region by region. All you need to get started is to Bucket your first transaction at a participating retailer. Once you receive your receipt with your QR code, simply scan it with your camera app and then you’ll be asked to create an account (or log in if you’ve already set up your account). Bucket wants to make it as simple as possible for you to start saving your change, so no account is required to be created beforehand.

Bucket is the solution to the world’s coin currency problem. We believe that we have a new way to reduce the economic stress and environmental burden caused by the production and circulation of coins. We don’t know all the reasons why people still use cash, but we can all agree that no one likes the coin aspect of cash. As an individual using Bucket, you have a new way to save money. Now, you can use your change instead of losing your change.