Gravity is a powerful, impact-driven ecosystem with three interconnected entities (Gravity Capital, Gravity Accelerator, Gravity Private Security Network). Our mission is to power prosperity by accelerating entrepreneurial ecosystems to create an abundant world. 

Gravity Accelerator powers transformative technology companies and social impact projects by providing C level services that enable our clients to become 'investable.' Our sweet spot is helping companies make the leap from Seed round to Series A round funding.

Gravity Capital is a value-driven fund with a $100M USD target, with the intention of granting our investors with unique, profitable, impact opportunities with the graduates of the Gravity Accelerator and our extended network. 

Gravity Private Security Network is a network of distributed investment portals, empowering companies to attract investors, execute due diligence, get assessed and scored, and receive funding from vetted investors. Investors on the GPSN get first access to well-vetted companies that have undergone strict due diligence through our team and our predictive AI software that can predict next round funding success with 82% accuracy.