Deconet is building infrastructure for distributed organizations to commercialize software. We’re creating a future where developers build wealth fairly, sustainably, and on their own time.

That’s why our beta app is a decentralized marketplace for APIs and software licenses on the blockchain (you can read more about why software licenses belong on the blockchain here).

What’s the DSLA?

We designed the Deconet Software License Agreement (DSLA) as a custom license agreement with our developers’ interests at heart.


When you list a software license for sale on our marketplace and someone purchases it using BTC or ETH, the transaction information is recorded on the Ethereum blockchain. The transaction also records the parties involved, the time of the purchase, and the duration for which the agreement is valid.

For Developers

Developers can publish code to Deconet to leverage P2P turn-key software licensing and microservice sales, participate in development contests, and bid on software contracts.

  • Easily commercialize code
  • Find and bid on proposals
  • Enter development contests
  • Earn tokens for contributions

For Companies

Applications and ecosystems can be built faster and more reliably. Complexity of development is reduced with the use of versatile building blocks and crowd powered innovation.

  • Exclusive access to curated software & APIs
  • Borderless payments
  • Secure and immutable compliance
  • Access to a global developer network

On-demand development

Companies can host a contest to get a new feature developed, crowdsource new ideas, or hire a team directly to build a custom application, drawing from a network of talented developers from around the world.

Ratings, reviews, and project history allow companies to easily evaluate developers and offer developers a built-in reputation.

Team formation on the fly

Deconet is not just for solo freelancers. Teams can form on the fly and get paid in a transparent, automated way. Traditional organizations have top down payment hierarchies, where the project lead pays out freelancers or employees. With Deconet, payments are distributed instantly to all stakeholders via smart contracts.

Ownership for the new age

With Deconet, the best projects rise to the top, generating ongoing passive income and ownership in the work created. And when teams are formed and agreed to on the fly, new entities can be formed, operating under their own agreed upon rules for governance and distribution of payment.

The future of work for all

The future needs organizations that will distribute value when and where value is created, forming fluid entities that operate on collectively agreed upon rules. Deconet is starting with decentralizing the knowledge economy for coders, but the big vision is to bring this form of work to all different sectors, starting with digital assets, like code.

Deconet Token (DCO)

The Deconet Token allows network participants to list projects, maintain the network, and access development resources.