Valis Bioscience is a technology company focused on saving and improving lives by enabling better medical research. 

Valis' flagship product is a blockchain solution that improves clinical research agility, security, and transparency. Valis offers next-generation information management throughout the clinical trials lifecycle, by providing technology and services for Informed Consent management, eCOA, ePRO, eDiary, AE tracking, protocol amendment and management, and compliance management.

The clinical trials market is projected to grow to $65B by 2025. Current processes and technologies are siloed, often relying on legacy data entry systems and excel spreadsheets. Over 94% of clinical trials are delayed for over 30 days. These delays are attributed to process and data inefficiencies. The cost of a delay to sponsors averages $1M a day in lost revenue on trials, and over $8M a day for treatments for common conditions.

To address these challenges Valis brings together isolated processes into a flexible user-centric platform, while the use of distributed-ledger technology adds transparency, immutability, security, and integrated quality control.

While Valis uses blockchain to provide a superior product, Valis is a private company and provides it's technology and services on a SaaS or licensing model. Valis does not involve cryptocurrency or tokens.