Quarrio has created an Automated Data Analyst in a Box that makes the report writer function in enterprises redundant. Business users asks questions in ordinary English, and the system answers in English with auto-generated charts and graphs.

Today, enterprise software is mostly data entry and repositories, but users have great difficulty in accessing all the stored data for decisions in their daily jobs, and very few have access to personal data miners. Quarrio solves this problem, giving each business user their personal data analyst.

Quarrio is the first Intelligent Agent for Enterprise. Quarrio’s conversational interface enables you to get information from Salesforce in seconds. Give your sales team the power of instant knowledge and your IT team the freedom to stop wasting their valuable time on ad-hoc reports.


Quarrio is designed to connect to Salesforce in seconds. Sign up, sign-in and start asking questions. You’ll get information on your opportunities, leads and customers in record time.

  • Connect to Salesforce in seconds
  • Control access for multiple users
  • Full enterprise-grade data security