With this version of the Dispatch Mobile Browser, you can: 

• Quickly and easily setup multiple wallets to store, send and receive licenses.

• Test out sending licenses and begin developing dApps with fully functional “smart contract” support.

• Track the status of all licenses sent and received from the different wallets.Generate your own private key and address on the Dispatch network.

For now, this first version of our mobile wallet offers everyone a preview of what’s in store at Dispatch Labs. In the meantime, the world and your phone just got a little bit nicer. We’re eager to see users start trading test licenses and even begin developing distributed applications (dApps) with them, including smart contract functionality.

“The mobile app will be a one-stop shop for people to interact with the Dispatch network and the dApps built on it,” said Dispatch co-founder and chief technology officer Zane Witherspoon. “Pretty soon, users will be able to use the app for currency transfers, network statistics, and as a browser to interact with a wide variety of applications created by our community.”


About Dispatch

We’re a San Francisco-based startup working on a new blockchain protocol based on the innovative Delegated Asynchronous Proof of Stake consensus algorithm. By verifying transactions using DAPoS, we will offer much better performance for dapp developers, including unparalleled speed and scalability to support a wide variety of enterprises.

In short, Dispatch believes that decentralized systems and shared ledgers can accelerate how the world evolves. Dispatch is building a mature shared ledger protocol, based on real-world needs, in order to deliver value for real people and businesses. The Dispatch protocol is the platform on which anyone can develop a great idea, and be supported by a company devoted to supporting creativity, growth, and responsible change.